Offering an inspiring view on the Bisenzio valley, deep in the silver green of olive groves, Filettole is an ancient village at the foot of the Calvana mountains.
Agriturismo La Terrazza is located in the building that used to be a farmhouse of the Fattoria di Filettole. The site underwent profound renovation works converting the complex into five apartments, comfortable and tastefully furnished to make your stay in the Tuscan countryside an unforgettable experience. Literally situated on a hill ledge, the Agriturismo La Terrazza takes its name from its position overlooking a breath-taking panorama. From this unique location, you’ll enjoy an inspiring view of the hilltops with lights of the city of Prato and villages in the distance that will give you the feel of a suspended atmosphere of a Nativity scene.
Surrounding the Agriturismo La Terrazza is a very special panorama: opposite the woods of the Calvana mountains and all around the terraced olive groves. It is from the cultivar of olive trees that we decided to choose the names of our apartments that represent a perfect union between past and present and future: an outstanding experience in the Tuscan countryside that Malaparte put this way:

“…e fuori dalla finestra, di là dai tetti, la curva affettuosa della Retaia, il ginocchio nudo dello Spazzavento, le tre gobbe verdi del Monte Ferrato, gli olivi di Filettole, di Santa Lucia, della Sacca, e i cipressi del Poggio del Fossino, sopra Coiano. E questo dico non perché son pratese, e voglia lisciar la bazza ai miei pratesi, ma perché penso che il solo difetto dei toscani sia quello di non esser tutti pratesi.“

La Terrazza Agriturismo Vista panoramica dal borgo di Filettole

Panoramic view from the village of Filettole

In 2015 Agriturismo La Terrazza took part in the Bando Pacchetto Giovani, a funding programme promoted by the European Union and Regione Toscana. Two young business women took office after qualifying as IAP, i.e. professional farmers. Our project based on holiday farming and agricultural activity in itself like olive-growing and nursery crops resulted as one of the winning projects. The awarded funds allowed the renovation works of the farmhouse where the Agriturismo is located and the purchase of the machinery to maximize farming production.

Youth Package Announcement established by the European Union and the Tuscany Region.